SF Dating Stereotypes: Are you Bay-sic?

San Francisco is a city with a reputation for being both unique and eccentric. It’s no surprise then that dating in the city by the bay can come with its own set of stereotypes. From the tech-obsessed to the granola-loving hippies, there’s a label for everyone. But are you basic? Let’s take a look at six SF dating stereotypes and see if you fit the bill.

The Tech Bro/Babe

If you’re dating someone who is constantly checking their phone or talking about the latest startup, you might be with a Tech Bro or Babe. They’re usually dressed in hoodies and sneakers, and their idea of a romantic date might involve coding together or attending a networking event. But don’t worry, they’re also known for splurging on fancy dinners at places like Gary Danko or The Progress.

The Hippie

The Hippie is all about nature, spirituality, and living a simple life. They might take you to a drum circle in Golden Gate Park or suggest a hike up Mount Tamalpais. They’re also likely to be vegetarian or vegan and prefer a date spot that serves organic food like The Plant Cafe Organic or Cafe Gratitude.

The Social Justice Warrior

The Social Justice Warrior is passionate about causes like feminism, anti-racism, and LGBTQ rights. They’ll probably want to take you to a protest or a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization. For a more relaxed date, they might suggest going to The Women’s Building in the Mission or The GLBT Historical Society Museum in the Castro.

The Foodie

The Foodie is all about trying new restaurants and exploring the latest culinary trends. They’ll likely suggest a trendy spot like State Bird Provisions or Burma Superstar. They might also be into food tours, like the ones offered by Edible Excursions, or attending food festivals like the San Francisco Street Food Festival.

The Artsy Type

The Artsy Type is into all things creative. They might take you to a gallery opening in the Mission or suggest a trip to SFMOMA. They might also be into live performances, like those at The Fillmore or The Warfield. For a date spot, they might suggest a place like The Interval at Long Now, where you can sip cocktails while admiring art and artifacts.

The Outdoorsy Adventurer

The Outdoorsy Adventurer is another prominent SF dating stereotype; they’re always up for a hike, bike ride, or kayaking adventure. They may suggest a date in Golden Gate Park, a scenic drive along Highway 1, or a day trip to Muir Woods. They’re likely to have a collection of camping gear and a passion for sustainable living. While The Outdoorsy Adventurer can be fun and adventurous, they may not be as interested in the finer things in life. They may prefer a picnic in the park over a fancy dinner, and may not care as much about fashion or luxury experiences. It’s important to find common interests and be willing to compromise in order to make a relationship work.

So… what’s the verdict?

Whether you’re a Tech Bro or Babe, a Hippie, a Social Justice Warrior, a Foodie, an Artsy Type, or an outdoor adventurer, there’s someone out there who will appreciate you for who you are. So go ahead, embrace your inner stereotype and have fun exploring all that San Francisco has to offer.

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